Porsche 930 RUF Turbo Cabriolet


  • Porsche 930 RUF Turbo Cabriolet
  • 1984
  • 75,000 km
  • European specs car (re-imported from the US in 2017)
  • 5 speed RUF gearbox
  • 374 hp (much faster then the original Turbo)
  • Very rare car
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This 930 Turbo has a Porsche VIN and was delivered in Germany in 1984 as a WTL convertible. Porsche only started to produce Turbo convertibles in 1989 so this model has been completely rebuilt by RUF.

This car has been officially classified as historic car by Luxembourg authorities and to do so they carried out a number of verifications in order to get comfort that the car is like it was historically, without modifications.

It’s a legend 1984 Porsche RUF Turbo Cabriolet with only 75’000 km and 80 hp more then original Turbo (this one is RUF tuned). A very rare car with only 6 owners, it drives perfectly with the last technical service taking place in May 2019. It passed this without any issues.

Since 2018 the following works have been carried out:
– Complete exhaust system in stainless steel (from the heat exchanger to the end pipes)
– Sports clutch
– New shock absorbers (Bilstein Turbo)
– New and more powerful battery
– Fuel pumps, alternator, brakes, tyres, etc

– Original Porsche Guards Red colour
– RUF Front Spoiler with license plate support / front air dam
– RUF speedline wheels
– Turbo tail
– Black convertible top in impeccable condition and cover
– 4-pipe exhaust system

– Original Porsche leather in remarkable shape and smell
– RUF Instruments: rev Counter, boost control gauge
– New radio and sound system with amplifier
– LeCarra steering wheel

– Porsche 930 Turbo engine
– RUF intercooler
– RUF 5 speed gearbox (# RUF 930.5.2.082)
– Porsche Turbo 4 wheel disc brakes
– RUF 3.4 l pistons and cylinders and different camshafts – RUF Turbo

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 cm