McLaren Elva


  • 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine
  • 746 hp
  • 590 lb-ft of torque
  • 36 hp and 22 lb-ft more than it does in the regular 720S and about 9 horses less
  • With the same torque, as it does in the 765LT. That’s plenty of grunt for a 3,530-pound car.
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A car that does not need a destination. No clue. A car uniquely created to offer the most realistic driving experience possible. Rigorous pleasure. The McLaren Elva has been conceived to awaken all the senses and achieve the maximum possible fusion between the driver, the car and the elements. Inconceivably light. Dizzyingly powerful. Supreme agility.

Elva is daring. This model proudly embodies the principles established by the original sports convertibles created by Bruce McLaren in the 1960s, the M1A, M1B and M1C. Like the latter Ultimate Series, the original road “Elvas” were lightweight and convertible with the engine in the center position. Even then, the sole objective behind the design was to achieve an absolutely pure driving experience.

The form of our new Elva follows function more than ever. The clean, organic and marked lines flow in perfect harmony, blurring the barriers that separate the interior from the exterior. A cohesive design that overall results in the perfect balance.

To ensure maximum enjoyment of the elements, the Elva features a state-of-the-art AAMS (Active Air Management) system. This system guides the air at high speed over the open-top cabin, creating a kind of bubble and a great sense of calm around the driver and passenger. There are no distractions, just adrenaline.

The perfected and highly advanced Elva is the lightest road car in McLaren Automotive history. The results are obvious: agility, almost telepathic responses, and raw performance with unique stability. Nothing will ever make you feel more connected to driving. Nothing.

A New Version Of Commitment
With the Elva, you reach the limits of commitment as a driver. Nothing connects you with emotion more. The vision is epic, with no roofs or windshield to obstruct it. The feeling of spaciousness and blurry landscapes stick with you. The AAMS system does not allow turbulence to spoil the moment. This is the most agile member of the McLaren family. A car that exploits the fierce potential of its 4.0 l V8 biturbo engine with 815 hp and 800 Nm of torque and roars loudly thanks to its four tailor-made tailpipes. The almost supernatural agility of this car is also due to the Proactive Chassis Control II chassis, which offers incredible handling on both road and track. The added electro-hydraulic steering on this model and its custom-tuned suspension also intensify the sense of connection.

Blurred Barriers
Here a new chapter in McLaren design history opens. It goes for bold shapes, clear lines and organic movement. The barriers that separate the interior from the exterior are blurred, offering a feeling of true fluidity from any angle. Formula 1 is a source of inspiration. The clean, distraction-free body sides and shrunken shapes come from ideas forged in the heat of big competitions. Carbon fiber is present throughout the car. Solid metal accents have been delicately crafted, representing the hidden craftsmanship behind every piece of McLaren’s Ultimate Series. The transition from outside to inside is smooth, pleasant. You immerse yourself in a wide space that envelops you like a slight bubble. The cabin has been protected with a new material called Ultrafabric, and the carbon fiber seats offer comfort and support even in the most intense moments. The dashboard is connected to the steering column and both move at the same time, giving an even greater sense of togetherness. The controls for the various driving modes are, as always, at your fingertips.

The Power Of Air
A master class in aerodynamics. The pioneering AAMS system of the Elva responds to the desire to take advantage of the full airflow. This system channels the air that arrives at high speed and directs it over the cabin, creating a kind of bubble for the driver and passenger in which there is no turbulence, no gales, just comfort and control. And despite not having a roof, the Elva continues to generate downforce that enhances its incredible handling. The large active carbon fiber rear spoiler sends a clear message about the purity and ferocity of this car’s performance. It changes position to maintain a perfect aerodynamic balance and acts as an aerodynamic brake, providing enormous stopping power when needed.

Even Lighter
McLaren’s lightest road car of all time proves that less is more. And he does it firmly. This hypercar boasts a bespoke carbon fiber design based on the Monocell II chassis. Its unique upper body also incorporates a ROPS roll-over protection system that enhances passenger safety. Also noteworthy is the astonishing carbon fiber bodywork made up of just three panels, resulting in a clean, sculpted profile, true to the firm’s ultra-lightweight philosophy. The precision-engineered and practical carbon fiber dihedral doors also contribute to the obsessive weight reduction and add a dramatic touch. Under the elegant hood, there is enough space to carry everyday things and, of course, for the driver’s helmet.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 cm