Marc Chagall, ‘Les Mimosas’


  • Marc Chagall
  • Mimosas
  • 1968
  • Lithograph
  • 23″ x 17.25″
  • Edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered in pencil
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Vollard commissioned Marc Chagall to illustrate Nicolai Gogol’s “Les Ames Mortes,” and the French literary classic “Fables” written by Jean de la Fontaine, resulting in an extensive collection of some of Chagall’s most evocative works.

Chagall also began creating a series of etchings and engravings that illustrated the Bible in 1931 at the behest of Vollard. Chagall created 65 etchings from 1931 to 1939, but the escalation of the Second World War and Vollard’s sudden death halted the ambitious commission until 1952. The artist finally completed the extensive undertaking four years later.

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