Banksy, ‘Get Out While You Can’


  • Banksy
  • Get Out While You Can
  • 2004
  • Screenprint on paper
  • 50 cm x 35 cm
  • Original work certified by Pest Control
  • Limited edition of 175
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Get Out While You Can represents a mouse holding a sign with the words of the title written in pink. The work is part of the Banksy Placard Rat series, a trilogy that sees the protagonist of each work a mouse holding a sign with different writings on it. The rodent, one of Banksy’s iconic subjects, thus becomes an emblem of street art itself and of the messages it wants to launch.

Through the mouse, Banksy represents the same street art. In fact, it moves at night, without being seen, populates the streets and cities and, even if fought by the population, it resists and does not give up.

In addition, the mouse brings with it a play on words that is typical of Banksy’s irony. Rat – Art are in fact one anagram of the other, as if to suggest an identification between the two terms. The mouse is also a reference to one of the greatest masters of street art and a reference point for Banksy himself: Blek Le Rat. French street artist, he is considered the father of the stencil technique and has inspired several generations of street artists.

Get Out While You Can is part of Banksy Placard Rat’s series of three works, released in 2004. The other two works similarly show a mouse holding a sign, but in these the signs read “Welcome To Hell” and “Because I’m Worthless. ”The inspiration for the series comes from George Marshall’s“ Get Out While You Can – Escape the Rat Race ”.

Although screen printing was done in 2004, similar works appeared between 2000 and 2005 on the streets of London, Liverpool and New York. In these years Banksy developed the image of the mouse as a metaphor for street art and a strong social message, up to the silk-screen editions of these subjects.

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