Banksy, ‘Donkey Documents’


  • Weighs approximately 4 tonnes
  • 84” (H) x 129” (W) x 9” (D)
  • $1,650,000 (transport not included!)

Created in Bethlehem, Banksy ́s controversial mural depicts a donkey having its identification papers checked by an armed Israeli soldier, mocking the stringent security measures enforced by the Israeli Government. Or as the Israeli would say – the necessary precautions taken. Depending on who ́s eyes are looking.

The piece is part of a series of works created by Banksy along the concrete barrier dividing the Palestinian West Bank from Israel in 2007 and was made to promote his holiday fundraiser exhibition “Santa ́s Ghetto”. Quite similar to the sequel “The Walled Off Hotel”.

The work was posted by Banksy on his own website shortly after the creation. The seller has screenshots. The excised mural is the largest and most significant intact Banksy mural in existence. Banksy ́s location choice, timing and subject matter draws parallels with the donkey depicted in the Biblical Christmas story who transported Mary into Bethlehem, where she is believed to have given birth to Jesus. Indeed, just behind Banksy ́s mural can be seen the cross and bell tower of the church of the Nativity, build over the spot where Jesus is said to have been born.

The work is the best documented of all Banksy’s works and it has been on CNN, CBC, BBC and the list is long only mentioning the live press here. In April 2018, a movie was released at The Tribeca Film Festival called “The Man Who Stole Banksy” by Italian filmmaker Marco Proserpio. The movie is highly influenced by the work and the story to it. The title does not refer to the work nor the owners. The owners feature on several occasions in the movie.