• Batmobile Tumbler

    • Batmobile Tumbler
    • Jet engine turbine (flame optional)
    • 350 LS1 Corvette engine
    • 6 speed automatic transmission
    • V-drive
    • Tubular chassis
    • Street legal
    • Top speed of 90 mp/h
    • Custom hubless axel front end
    • Custom cut windows
    • Body is made of mild steel, media blasted and Pour 15 treated before being painted matte black
    • LED brake lights and rear turn signals
    • Front headlights and flood lights all DOT approved and LED accurate
    • 4 Super Swamper 40″ tyres
    • 2 Hoosier street Legal front “track” tyres
  • Ferrari Timossi

    • The only Ferrari powered boat in the world built with Enzo Ferrari’s blessing
    • The Timossi-Ferrari ‘Arno XI’ Racing Hydroplane still holds a 68+ year speed record
    • The Timossi reached an unofficial top speed of 199.559 kph (124 mph)
    • Own a unique piece of history or simply read an amazing story below
  • GG Quadster Ferrari

    • Ferrari Quadster
    • 2005
    • 167 hp
    • 443 km

    The actively dynamic chassis keeps all four wheels on the ground even when cornering at high speed while the powerful brakes provide huge reserves and guarantee a shorter braking path than any car. This enormous safety potential generates confidence and increases driving pleasure.

  • Jr. Landy

    • Finished in the period Mid Grey (gloss) with authentic looking black vinyl seats
    • 1200w electric motor
    • Capable of just under 30 mp/h
    • Range of 3 hours of constant use
    • Optional spare wheel and bracket on the bonnet
  • Jr. Spyder

    • 110cc petrol engine
    • Top speed of 27 mp/h
    • Red paint
    • Chrome hubs
    • Black vinyl
    • Black Carpets
    • Battery maintainer
    • Number plates
  • Michael Schumacher Monte Carlo GP Engine

    • Michael Schumacher F1 engine parts from the vehicle he drove at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix in 2002
    • Perfect to make a few tables out of!
  • Michael Schumacher Motorhome


    This impressive Iveco motorhome was custom built for Scuderia Ferrari in 1992 for the European F1 Grand Prix race seasons and then for the test from 1998 to 2005.

    During this period it was the “home” for the five time Drivers World Champion, Michael Schumacher. It ended its Motorhome usage in Ferrari with Corse Clienti in 2009 and then from 2011 to 2017 it was used by DHL as official support offices during all the European Formula 1 Grand Prix.

    In its first configuration it included the office of Mr Jean Todt (the Managing Director and Team Manager of Scuderia Ferrari at that time), his meeting room and an area dedicated to the drivers.

    For the refurbishment in 1998, Mr Todt’s office was replaced with a “relaxation area” for the Scuderia Ferrari Drivers where they could prepare for the test sessions and conduct exclusive interviews (photo reportage with Michael Schumacher for Vanity Fair in 2001, TIME and other magazines).

    The Motorhome comes with two separate apartments with independent access; One from the main door placed in the middle of the coach and other in the front. There is a separate compartment accessible from the front. The Motorhome has still it’s original number plate MO (for Modena) and comes with all it’s files and documentation.

    More information and photos will be send on request.

  • Tupolev N007


    In 1961 the Russian military wanted to design and build an amphibious craft small enough to be transported inside the Russian MK6 giant helicopter and to be used for the recovery of Russian cosmonauts who downed in Siberia after completion of their space flights.

    The craft had to be capable of crossing lakes, swampy tundra and hostile terrain in addition to operating at temperatures well below freezing and at speeds of above 100km/h!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the Tupolev!

  • World’s Oldest Alcohol

    • Tickle your taste buds with some of the world’s oldest Champagne, Cognac and Wine
    • Verified by the Moscow University Scientific Laboratory
    • More information below